Replacing slider UI with carousel, radio buttons

I do a lot of quick UI mocks and prototypes for PEMCO Insurance. Here’s one. We received a home valuation tool from a vendor. It had some useful features, but arrived with some rudimentary UI that would terribly slow down form completion and muddy the UX.
Vendor Quality Wizard

Beauty, eh?

I was tasked with making this better and available to our users on Using a mobile-first approach, sliders actually can be really useful (I just had a flashback to reading Thomas the Tank Engine to my son …) on phones and tablets, however, they are most useful when letting someone define a range (rate this on a scale of one to ten, how much is your package worth, how many in your party). When the options are clearly defined (economy, standard, above avg, etc.) and they have a clear step, the slider starts to lose its purpose. A selector bar would work nicely, but the labels are a little too long. I thought a stepping carousel would work and look well. While clean and elegant, this approach is not accessible to screen readers. A radio button menu will still look good, offer the accompanying help text, and be accessible to all users.